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What is the asset disposition process?

Asset management encompasses 1. Assessing assets 2. Strategizing disposal methods 3. Acquiring new assets with disposal in mind 4. Continuous maintenance for peak performance In this blog post, we focus on disposal strategies and best practices. Disposal requires meticulous planning, considering financial, environmental, and legal factors. The asset disposition process involves several steps, such as



the sudden closure of Agilyx in Tigard Oregon left many residents and businesses without a proper way to dispose of their styrofoam.  We here at Green Century were no different. We had just opened our public drop-off to styrofoam and set it up based on the processing with Regenex and Agilyx whe we learned through


Spring 2024 Newsletter and Update

Green Century is revising the roster of items accepted at our public drop-off location in Northwest Portland, Oregon. Alongside electronic devices and Universal waste, we are now welcoming additional materials such as styrofoam, plastic stretch wrap polyethylene, clear bubble wrap, and more. Please contact us for further information. On April 22nd, as Earth Day approaches,


SERI acquires E-reuse conference

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) recently acquired the E-Reuse Conference (ERC), a long-standing event in the electronics repair industry. The event has been renamed the Electronics Sustainability Summit to reflect a broader focus on sustainability in device management. SERI, known for administering the R2 certification standard, sees this acquisition as a strategic addition to its


Championing Electronics Sustainability. A look back at 2023 with SERI and R2

Championing Electronics Sustainability At this time of year, I like to reflect on the past 12 months, thinking about our learnings and our accomplishments. One of my biggest takeaways is that our team at SERI is extremely ambitious and deeply passionate about our mission of achieving electronics sustainability. This is evident in all the hard


Electronics recycling advocates make case for federal support

The newsletter this month is a brief summary, interpretation of  a Senate hearing where electronics recycling advocates emphasized the need for federal support to address challenges in recycling and reusing electronic waste. I have outlined the key points and included my thoughts. The in Challenges in Recycling: Issues such as limited access, recycling education, and


We are proud to announce our partnership with Close the Loop Program, SOLARCYCLE, EDPR NA, and other industry leaders in the wind, solar, and storage sectors

Our Close the Loop Program launched yesterday and we are eager to be part of the positive impact this program will bring to the NorthAmerican renewable energy market! ♻⚡ In addition to working with SOLARCYCLE, EDPRNA will also be collaborating across the solar, wind, and energy storage sectors with several recycling leaders including Alamo Environmental,


R2: A GLOBAL SOLUTION FOR A GLOBAL CHALLENGE challenge of making electronics sustainable isn’t just “an American thing,” or a “European issue.” With the globalization of electronics, it’s a challenge for nearly every country in every part of the world. This is especially true when you take a whole-lifecycle approach to sustainability like SERI does. That means ensuring everyone everywhere has access


The best data security practices for modern devices.

The best data security practices for modern devices. When you need to destroy data on a laptop with a soldered-on storage device for example any Macbook manufactured after 2017, almost all modern laptops and any cell phone, you face a unique challenge because you can’t simply remove and physically destroy the storage device. In such


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