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We safely and responsibly recycle your old electronics

Discover Green Century’s comprehensive ITAD (information technology asset disposition) solutions and environmentally friendly computer and electronic recycling services tailored for businesses, schools, residents, and non-profit organizations across Oregon and Washington, including the vibrant Greater Seattle and Portland areas. Benefit from hassle-free pickup options and convenient drop-off services, offered at no cost from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Explore our range of services encompassing ITAD, computer, and electronics recycling, along with handling universal waste and solar panels. Ensure secure data destruction compliant with NIST and NAID standards with our comprehensive suite of services. Trust Green Century for sustainable solutions and responsible disposal of your IT assets and electronic waste.


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Recycle Your Old Electronics

It’s never been more important to dispose of your old electronics and computers responsibly. By recycling your electronics with Green Century we can be sure the data is safely destroyed and material is conserved, reused or properly disposed. Dropoff, pickup or mail-in options are available for recycling your e-waste.

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Green Century is a leader in electronics recycling

Green Century, established in 2008 with a core belief in the importance of responsible disposal, operates under the ethos of “No such thing as ‘Throw it away'”. We proudly maintain certification to the R2v3 recycling standards, underscoring our commitment to environmentally sound practices.

Driven by a dedication to fostering social equity, we prioritize equal pay, living wages, and active community engagement, recognizing the interconnectedness of local and global impacts.

With multiple convenient locations throughout Washington State and Oregon, Green Century offers businesses an opportunity to both economize and recycle responsibly. Trust us as your comprehensive E-Cycle provider, where we welcome a wide range of electronic devices. Our mission is clear: to ensure the safe and ethical recycling of electronic devices, promoting sustainability every step of the way.

What Our Clients Say

"Our event on Sunday was a smashing success!!! We were incredibly busy and Isiah did a fabulous job handling all of the electronics by himself. We will be holding another event in September and hope you guys will partner with us again"
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"My experience was great. The driver arrived within the time frame given and was quick to pick up the equipment. Very easy service to use. Thank you!"
"I value the fact that you care about your customer's experiences. My experience was good. I found the drive to be professional, courteous and efficient. Everything went well. I don't see anything SBK Recycle could improve on and plan on continuing to use your services."

Safe and Efficient E-Cycling

Green Century Electronics Recycling (GCER) LLC practices safe and efficient recycling for computers and electronics (e-waste).  We offer onsite physical destruction as well as secure data destruction to meet your data compliance needs, both processes come with a certificate of destruction and serial number tracking. We adhere to strict standards including R2v3 certification. Below are additional certifications and environmental associations we partner with. 

R2v3 certified

ISO 14001 certified

ISO 45001 certified

ISO 9001 Certified

ANAB Accredited

Oregon Recyclers Association

Our Environmental Commitment

Oregon E-Cycles Partner

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