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Green Century offers flat-rate Pickup and Removal of your old unwanted Electronic items. The service is available to businesses and residents of Oregon and Washington.

Computer & Electronic Recycling



Let us protect you from data breaches. Our mobile physical destruction can meet your companies compliance needs. We securely destroy your hard drives, media, SSD, magnetic and optical.

On-site & Off-site Data Destruction

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Green Century provides the collection and recycling for all types of universal waste including lamps, batteries, mercury-containing devices, lighting ballasts and more. Because of the dangerous and toxic materials contained in these products, proper recycling is both required and mandated by various state and federal agencies.

Lamps and Batteries

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& Destruction

Data Destruction with Certificates of Destruction to meet your compliance requirements.
Ask about our mobile device erasure program. Do you have employees working remote? We can help with data erasure



We offer Pickup & Removal for Businesses Non-Profits, Schools and Residences.



Flexible scheduling to work with your businesses schedule and time-frame.



We adhere to the strictest recycling standards R2 2013, ISO14001, ISO 45001:2018, Oregon ecycles.

Welcome to Green Century

Green Century is an industry leader in recycling Electronic waste.

Green Century Electronics Recycling (GCER) LLC practices safe and efficient recycling for computers and electronics (e-waste). GCER is R2 2013, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 certified. These certifications ensure that we are tracking material from the time we receive it to its final destination, whether that be refurbishment and reuse or recovery of precious metals. We offer onsite physical destruction as well as secure data destruction to meet your data compliance needs, both processes come with a certificate of destruction and serial number tracking. Green Century offers a business pick up service all across the USA as well as a "mail-in" recycling program

In addition to the e-waste services we also offer Universal waste recycling. This includes lamps, batteries and mercury-containing devices. Please call us directly for Universal waste pricing.

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We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific E-waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Services & Solutions

Data Destruction
Green Century offers On-site and Off-site Data Destruction as well as physical destruction with Certificates of Destruction. Our certificates include the standard to which the data was destroyed as well as serial numbers of devices destroyed. We can meet or exceed your enterprise data erasure requirements.
Recycling Services
We offer a wide range of recycling services to meet your E-Waste Recycling needs. Pickup and removal of your old unwanted electronic items, Data Destruction with Certificates, Universal waste recycling and ITAD services.
We are R2 2013, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 certified. Green Century is committed to environmental stewardship.
Quality Audits
Green Century conducts quarterly internal audits on our Environmental Health and Safety Management system as well as an annual certification audit by an accredited third party certification body.
Sorting and Processing
We sort material for reuse or metal recovery. The items for metal recovery are dismantled at our NW facility, data is purged or physically destroyed during this process. The material for reuse is refurbished in our NW facility and we only sell items that are tested and working.
GCER is committed to protecting the environment and the safety or our workers. Our environmental Health and Safety management system helps us in tracking our local and global impact.

Latest News & Events

Learn more about upcoming events in your community, sign up to host an event in your area, or simply find out what's new in the world of e-cycling.

Safe and Efficient E-Cycling

All electronics are recycled in a safe manner with strict adherence to the R2 2013 standard.

Client Testimonials

" I've used them twice now for picking up our company's old e-waste and they have been professional, accommodating and easy to work with both times. I can't recommend them enough! Wonderful, polite people and a pleasure to do business with. "
Mike Morgan
"From the office staff to the drivers, the customer service Green Century provides is amazing; they are doing an incredible service for us all--who doesn't have a bunch of electronics laying around needing disposal?!? They will come to your door and pick it up with a friendly face and a fair price. We recommend Green Century, as we have been using them for several years now."
TPM Corporate TPM Corporate

Businesses Who Rely on Green Century For Their Recycling Needs

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