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Items We Recycle

Green Century provides computer and electronic recycling to businesses, schools, residents, and non-profits. Learn more about what items we recycle.

How It Works

Learn more about the process in which electronics are recycled.

Prepare Your Electronics for Recycling

Learn more about how to prepare your electronic devices for recycling and pickup.

Pick Up Service

Green Century can pickup your items for recycling. Complete a form and we will follow up with details.

Mail-In Electronic Recycling

Green Century offers mail-in electronic recycling services. Order a shipping label, print it out and mail your electronics.

We Offer
Electronics Recycling to Residents

Drop off your electronics to our facility FREE of charge. $100 for residential pick-up.

Drop off your electronics to our facility FREE of charge. (With the exceptions of INK/TONER, Universal Waste, and magnetic media such as DVD’s, Floppy’s, Cassette.). We also offer our pick-up service for a $100.00 fee. This fee covers all items you have with the exception of INK/TONER, Universal Waste, and magnetic media such as DVD’s, Floppy’s, Cassette. Please see the price sheet for Universal waste, magnetic media, ink/toner fees

We practice safe and efficient recycling. All items are handled in a safe manner with the lowest impact to the environment. Our goal is to recycle and reuse providing an alternative to landfilling.

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Please separate batteries by chemistry and remove them from remote controls and other devices prior to arriving. Do not tape any lamps or lights, rather use the original box to transport. Green Century does have lamp boxes available for purchase if required.

Please remove any icloud lock or passcode on mobile devices.This allows us to wipe and verify the destruction of all data while still reusing the device. Devices that remain locked will be physically destroyed and recycled and not able to reuse for parts or as a complete refurbished device.

Please do not drop off items after hours or leave outside dock or office.

Thank you for recycling!

Schedule A Pick-Up

We service Oregon and Washington

Order a Mail-In Kit

Mail in your electronic waste no matter where you are

How We Recycle Your Items

All items are tested for functionality. Computer related items found to be working are refurbished or parted out to be sold or donated. We know that data security is a serious issue. We adhere to NIST 800-88 standards Clear, Purge, Destroy

Components that are found to not be working or too old to reuse are sorted and recycled in compliance with the R2v3 standard.

If you would like to know more about our process please contact us with any questions.

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