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Green Century is now offering Styrofoam and plastic recycling to residents through our public drop-off and businesses. The styrofoam, EPS, and expanded polystyrene are ground up and densified into blocks, which are then manufactured into plastic products such as picture frames, TV and computer cases, office equipment, and other products. All this is done right here in the  Pacific Northwest, 
DROP-OFF IS LOCATED; 2950 nw 29th ave Portland Oregon 97210. The fee is $10 per 45-gallon bag.  We ask that you sort your plastics by type. We can not accept dirty styrofoam. Please, no after-hours dumping. Thank you 
  • Styrofoam #6
  • Picnic/shipping coolers
  • Styrofoam sheets
  • Styrofoam Takeout containers
  • Packing Peanuts
  • XPS foam insulation
  • Polyethylene Foam (#4 LDPE)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic wrapping(clean and dry material only)
  • Blue/White Amazon bubble mailers (no yellow/paper)
  • Pink Poly Anti-Static bags
  • Air pillows 
  • PUBLIC DROP OFF $10 for a 45 gallon bag of styrofoam
  • Businesses can include foam/ plastic in e-waste or universal pick-up.  

            What we cannot accept:

  • Dirty, wet foam, no tape or stickers  
  • “instapaks or any plastic wrapped spray in foams 
  • Hot tub covers
  • Foam with Glue
  • Polyurethane (#1 PETE)
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