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SERI acquires E-reuse conference

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) recently acquired the E-Reuse Conference (ERC), a long-standing event in the electronics repair industry. The event has been renamed the Electronics Sustainability Summit to reflect a broader focus on sustainability in device management.


SERI, known for administering the R2 certification standard, sees this acquisition as a strategic addition to its efforts in promoting electronics sustainability worldwide. The move aims to expand the conference’s scope beyond repair-focused topics to encompass sustainability across the entire device life cycle.


The ERC, previously known as the International Computer Refurbisher Summit, has historically emphasized repair, reuse, and remarketing of electronic devices. Co-located with the E-Scrap Conference in recent years, it catered to a segment of the electronics recovery industry distinct from traditional e-scrap processing.


Sarah Kim, head of E-Reuse Services, views the acquisition as a natural progression for the event, aligning with its evolution. She expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with SERI to advance the shared vision of sustainability.


Corey Dehmey, executive director of SERI, emphasized the organization’s commitment to engaging the entire electronics industry in sustainability discussions. The Electronics Sustainability Summit is envisioned as a platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration on sustainability initiatives.


The inaugural edition of the rebranded event, the 2024 Electronics Sustainability Summit, is scheduled for October 22-24 in Austin, Texas. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for the conference, focusing on driving sustainability across the electronics ecosystem.


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SERI acquires E-Reuse Conference and rebrands event


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