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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 2950 nw 29th ave Portland Oregon 97210. See a map and directions on our contact page.

Will my data be destroyed?

All data containing devices are physically destroyed or overwritten in accordance with r2 2013, IS0 45001, ISO 14001 and NIST standards.
Green Century can customize the wiping service to meet your companies specific reporting needs. We use proprietary software to destroy and verify all data on Laptops, Desktops, IOS, Android and mobile devices. We provide full reporting including serial numbers, IMEI numbers and asset tags. Onsite services available as well as national mail in program.

What is E-Cycle?

E-cycling is the process of recycling your electronic waste. Green Century practices reuse, reduce recycle, so we will test all of your items for functionality and reuse. Electronics that are not able to be refurbished or are not reusable are then dismantled and sorted out to material type before being sent to a metal recovery facility. The raw material recovered is then used to make new items.

How much does it cost to recycle my electronics?

Drop off your electronics to our facility FREE of charge or we offer a flat rate pick-up service. See our RATES AND MATERIALS page for a list of items we accept.


How do I prepare my items for recycling?

We ask that your items be free from other garbage such as food waste, styrofoam, plastic bags etc. It is helpful but not necessary to remove all paper manuals and recycle them at your curbside recycling.
Mobile Devices
If you would like your device to be reused it is critical to turn off the activation lock. Even if your device is damaged, it may be worth repairing as long as it is not locked. If you have an Apple (iOS) device, please follow these instructions to prepare it for reuse.
Apple Unlock Instructions

for Sonos
Alexa Devices

Google products

What happens to my electronics after I drop them off?

First, your items are determined to be either reusable or ready for recycling. The material that is reusable gets directed to our refurbishing center right here in Portland, Oregon. From there it gets tested for key functionality and any repairs are done at this point. Once your electronic item has been refurbished, wiped of all data, tested and verified it then gets logged as inventory and gets sold or donated.
Should your item be deemed "ready for recycling" it gets dismantled to its smaller components which then get sorted by material type, each different material type will then be sent for metal recovery. Both processes and all of our procedures are governed by the parameters of R2:2013 and annual surveillance audits. This, along with tracking procedures, ensures that all material processed at Green Century has been handled with the utmost concern and respect for our communities locally as well as globally.

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