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The best data security practices for modern devices.

The best data security practices for modern devices.

When you need to destroy data on a laptop with a soldered-on storage device for example any Macbook manufactured after 2017, almost all modern laptops and any cell phone, you face a unique challenge because you can’t simply remove and physically destroy the storage device. In such cases, you should focus on secure data erasure methods. Here’s what you can do: First and foremost and I know I am a broken record here but choose R2v3 and ISO certified ITAD and recycling facilities. This is the ONLY quantifiable recycling and data certifications standard. info here


Ensure that your data is encrypted: Before the need to destroy the data arises, it’s a good practice to encrypt your data. This way, even if someone attempts to access the data, they won’t be able to decipher it without the encryption key.

Factory Reset:

Perform a factory reset: Some laptops allow for a factory reset, and removal from device management software. Apple products should be erased and removed from Apple accounts. We have a full set of instructions for how to remove and wipe android and apple devices prior to recycling on our website

Software Data Erasure:

Use secure data erasure software: Green Century uses proprietary software to overwrite and destroy data. Our software complies with NAID and ISO 27001 standards. We verify data destruction on all devices. We plug your storage device into an array. The array destroys your data, and then checks and verifies it has been overwritten, records the serial numbers of the device and reports them back to the customer. This is included in the $45 pick up fee for businesses
Physical Destruction:
After the storage device has been erased and verified using software, you may still choose to physically destroy the laptop or data containing device. Erasure and overwriting and then physically destroying is the best practice to ensure data is destroyed.

Data Sanitization is a serious process and requires a written procedure and verification process to ensure compliance with industry standards. If you would like to speak with a Green Century data specialist for best practices pertaining to your needs and industry. Please call to schedule.

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