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East Moreland Neighborhood Association.. REED college place

On Tuesday January 2nd, 2022 around 1:30pm our driver had an accident while servicing a client in the Reed College neighborhood.
In 15 years of business I have seen a few accidents with our trucks, some caused by our drivers and some caused by the other driver. This is part of life and doing business, i think?

This particular incident seemed easy enough to navigate after all it was an accident. Our driver took a sharp turn out of a lot and in order to not hit a car when onto a median. The median was of course soft, muddy and a mess. Our truck got stuck and we had to call a tow truck to help us get unstuck. Embarrassing for the driver, costly for the company but life goes on.

Since the date of the accident/ incident we have had a few (2) separate folks call to threaten us with Social media exposure or bad reviews if we do not fix the problem…
I agree, we will definitely fix the problem with the lawn that we caused. Our Environmental Health and Safety Manager has already reached out to Neighborhood association and we have it calendared to go back and take a look in the coming weeks when the rain subsides just enough to do the repairs needed.
The part that really got to me, that surprised me and disappointed me was peoples willingness to call and make threats. The people I am referring to had absolutely zero patience, or grace for the driver or the context of the mistake. the willingness to yell, call names and make threats against peoples livelihood was the real accident that day and one that will be much harder to repair than some grass.
So, how do we as a business lead with grace and patience and try to be an example in our community?

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